Welcome to Fractal Vibes
Welcome to FractalVibes.com

Everything you surround yourself with has an energetic impact on your body, your psyche and, your spirit.

The question is, "Is the impact positive ... or negative?"

FractalVibes is all about that energy but ... we deal in creating the purely positive kind!  

There is a great deal of science behind fractal imagery and meditation, energy work and yoga.  These modalities have been proven to lower high blood pressure, increase blood circulation, decrease anxiety, and improve sleep and energy cycles.  

 Research has proven that fractals (including our Divinely Inspired Fractal images) have a profound balancing effect on the Brain and the Heart Mind bringing about a “Relaxation Response.”

Our fractal designs create an elevated, amplified energy and frequency, which aids to increase the vibration of everything they come in contact with.

We invite you to peruse our shops and find out how you, every member of your family and your friends can create a purely positive energy field in which you live, work and play!

Each product is lovingly crafted in the USA so please allow 14 business days for your order to reach you.

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